Uncover the Latest News About Former Zimbabwe Captain Stage 4 Cancer,  Fantasy Sports Catalyst, and Pakistan’s Hybrid Plan for Asia Cup

In today’s cricket news, learn more about former Zimbabwean cricketer Heath Streak is reportedly suffering from Stage 4 colon and liver cancer, and prayers have flooded in for him. Meanwhile, in recent years, millions of Indians have participated in fantasy sports. Fantasy sports have transformed not only the way people observe and play cricket, but also other sports. Lastly, the venue for the 2023 Asia Cup is a subject of ongoing debate. Two ACC members purportedly support Pakistan’s hybrid proposal to host the tournament, according to a recent update.

Heath Streak, Former Zimbabwe Captain, Has Stage 4 Cancer

Original Source: Former Zimbabwe skipper Heath Streak critically ill with Stage 4 cancer

Heath Streak, a former Zimbabwe cricketer, is reportedly gravely ill with Stage 4 colon and liver cancer. The 49-year-old veteran’s family is traveling from London to visit him in Johannesburg.

Zimbabwean team member Sean Williams revealed Streak’s ailment.

“Heath has Stage 4 liver and colon cancer.” At this point, I just know Heath’s immediate family was called to South Africa. Heath responded to my message, although I’m sure the family wants seclusion at this point. On Saturday, Williams told Cricbuzz, “It sounds like the cancer is spreading pretty quick cause last week he was fishing.”

“Heath is my mentor and did a lot of good for a lot of people and basically rescued my life and career. “We hope he’ll be okay,” he said.

Heath Streak is near death. Family traveling from UK to South Africa.

He may only be saved by a miracle.

“This is a call to prayer warriors in #Zimbabwe and beyond,” tweeted former Zimbabwean Minister of Education, Sport, Arts & Culture David Coltart. One of our best cricketers, Heath Streak, is very ill. We’d appreciate your prayers for him and his family.

Streak’s family wanted privacy in the meanwhile. One of South Africa’s most esteemed oncologists is treating Heath’s cancer. He is in excellent spirits and will continue to combat this cancer in a manner similar to his opponents throughout his legendary cricket career.

“The family hopes you understand and respect their wish for this to remain a private family matter and thanks you for your prayers and good wishes.”

Streak is one of the best cricketers ever. He took 23 four-wicket hauls and eight five-wicket hauls in 65 Tests and 189 ODIs, netting 216 and 239 wickets. He also batted well, scoring over 3900 runs with 100 and 24 half-centuries. Zimbabwe’s last Test match was against India at Harare Sports Club in September 2005.

Fantasy Sports: Boosting Non-Cricket Sports

Original Source: Fantasy Sports: A Catalyst for the Growth of Non-Cricket Sports

Over the past few years, millions of Indians have played fantasy sports. Fantasy sports have transformed the way people watch and play sports.

Fantasy sports is an internet game that lets players construct virtual teams based on real athletes and competitions. Based on their competition performances, these athletes earn points for users.

Fantasy Sports participants need a deep understanding of the sport and its players.

The FIFS-Deloitte Report 2023 found that India’s fantasy sports business income almost tripled from FY20 to FY22, hitting INR 6,800 crore. This increase is forecast to continue at a 30% CAGR till FY27, driving India’s economic and technological growth with an expected FDI influx of INR 25,000 crore until FY24. In FY22, the industry created about 12,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Fantasy sports have promoted a stronger sports culture in India as well as economic rewards. Fans can play different sports and compete. Fantasy sports enhance the sports-viewing experience by adding excitement and thrill.

It also creates a new generation of sports fans that follow players and teams from multiple sports, increasing viewing and attendance at live matches and athletic events. 54.4% of Indian fantasy sports players strongly agreed that they started watching other sports other than cricket after playing.

Fantasy sports have helped boost viewership and interest in several sports.

At least 35% of FS users play two or more fantasy sports, including non-cricket ones, according to the survey. The survey shows that 69.8% of fantasy sports players watch new sports and learn about new players and leagues. Fantasy sports can revolutionize the nation’s multi-sport scene.

The survey also indicated a 26% increase in fantasy kabaddi users from 9% in FY21 to 26% in FY22. Basketball and baseball also increased their user base from 4% to 7% and 2% to 5%, respectively.

Fantasy sports’ rise has led to new leagues like the Indian Super League (ISL) and the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL). In 2019, kabaddi became the second most-watched sport after the 2022 Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) season increased its reach by 17.5% to 222 million viewers. These leagues have opened up new options for athletes, coaches, and other sports business stakeholders.

Importantly, cricket formats other than men’s cricket have grown significantly. In two years, the T20 Women’s World Cup reached 1.64 billion viewers. Over 60 million people watched the first Women’s Premier League event this year.

Football, kabaddi, and hockey have improved television deals due to rising interest in diverse sports. Advertisers, broadcasters, and sponsors are investing in these sports, which will boost revenue and improve the future of non-cricket sports in India. Fantasy sports companies provided INR 3,100 crore to the sports ecosystem in FY22 through advertising and sponsorships. By FY27, their contribution is expected to rise 110% to INR 6,500 crore.

Fantasy sports has become a major driver for the sports industry as the world gets more interconnected and technology changes the way we consume sports. Fantasy sports have produced a new generation of sports followers and given other sports a chance to grow the sports economy. For India to become a sports superpower, that’s crucial. It appears to be the start of the voyage.

Sri Lanka, Bangladesh Back Pakistan’s Hybrid Plan for Asia Cup

Original Source: Asia Cup 2023: Sri Lanka and Bangladesh back Pakistan’s hybrid proposal, Jay Shah to hold meeting soon

Pakistan’s hybrid strategy to host the Asia Cup 2023 has been authorized by Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. After India declined to visit Pakistan, Pakistan hopes to resolve the tournament venue issue.

According to Geo News, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh now endorse Pakistan’s hybrid strategy. The article further states that Asian Cricket Council President Jay Shah will lead a meeting with ACC Board members to evaluate Pakistan’s proposal.

Pakistan’s hybrid approach has two choices. The first one has India playing at a neutral venue, while the others are in Pakistan. The second one states that four group stage matches in the first phase will be played in Pakistan, whereas Indian matches in the second phase, following stage matches, and the final will be played outside Pakistan.

According to reports, the two ACC members chose the second option. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan are in Group 2, whereas India, Pakistan, and Nepal are in Group 1. An official council meeting to discuss the event’s future will be held by May’s end.

Meanwhile, the PCB chairman recently indicated that the tournament’s destiny will be decided within two weeks. No decisions have been made. Sethi told The News, “We’ll decide on Asia Cup cricket in two weeks.” 

The hybrid model concept was reportedly opposed by Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. “To his horror, Najam Sethi (PCB chairman) was in Dubai today to procure support but there were no takers for his suggestion of Pakistan playing its games in Karachi or Lahore and India playing in UAE. An ACC source told PTI, “Sri Lanka was always with BCCI and now even Bangladesh Cricket Board seemed opposed to the idea.” 

“ACC has long maintained that the ‘hybrid model’ is untenable and the budgetary sanctions cannot pass. Pakistan doesn’t host matches either. “If India and Pakistan are in the same group, the third team will travel between Dubai and a city in Pakistan,” the insider said.

Summary of Today’s Cricket Sports News

Overall, reportedly suffering from advanced stages of colon and liver cancer, former Zimbabwe cricketer Heath Streak is in a grave condition. Family members are making the trip from London to see the 49-year-old veteran, who is reportedly hospitalized in Johannesburg. Meanwhile, Streak’s loved ones looked for some space and quiet. “Heath was diagnosed with cancer and is now being treated by one of South Africa’s top oncologists. He’s keeping his spirits up and plans to keep fighting this cancer like he did his opponents in the cricket field when he was a legend. Thank you for your prayers and support, but the family would prefer to keep this in the privacy of their own home.

On the other hand, people’s involvement in sports has shifted from passive viewing to more of a hands-on experience since the birth of fantasy sports. At least 35% of FS users participate in multiple non-cricket fantasy sports leagues, per the survey. The majority of fantasy sports players (69.8%), according to the study, wind up watching games from other sports and researching new players and leagues. The potential for fantasy sports to spark a national multi-sport uprising is on full display here.

Finally, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have reportedly given Pakistan their blessing to host the 2023 Asia Cup in a hybrid stadium. After India declined to travel to Pakistan for the competition, organizers there are scrambling to find a new location.