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June 2002

1 June
Joe Doherty (Phoenix Under 13s Nil)
2 June
David Kennedy (Question of Loyalty)
S Lagger (Mystified)
3 June
Matt Dwyer (Hansie Cronje)
Andy Adder (Holywood v Instonians)
4 June
Paddy Lee (Hansie Cronje)
John M Pryor (Bob Kerr)
Sam Dougherty (Matt Dwyer & Hansie Cronje)
Damian Ryan (Phoenix Under 13s Nil)
5 June
Joe Thorpe (Ireland v Nottinghamshire)
Northern Light (Bob Kerr Fan Club)
Jim McTiernan (Joe Thorpe)
Roli Shaw (Holywood v Instonians)
Andrew Nixon (Holywood v Instonians)
6 June
Ian Johnston (Fixture Backlog)
Paul Linehan (Dual Internationals)
Andy Adder (Holywood v Instonians)
7 June
Ryan McMaster (Holywood v Instonians)
10 June
Joe Doherty (Irish Cricket’s Soccer Stars)
Joe Thorpe (Munster Umpires)
11 June
John Davy (Molins brothers)
JML (Irish Universities Tournament)
12 June
David Kennedy (NCU Team Selection)
Roli Shaw (Irish Universities Tournament)
Adrian McCoubrey (Irish Universities Tournament)
Andy Adder (NCU Team Selection)
Northern Light (NCU Team Selection)
Roli Shaw (Irish Universities Tournament)
JML (Irish Universities Tournament)
Kenneth Sorensen (Munster Umpires)
13 June
Wayne Horwood (Irish Universities Tournament)
14 June
Joe Thorpe (Irish Universities XI)
16 June
Roli Shaw (Irish Universities Tournament)
John Bratton (North West Umpires)
David Kennedy (NCU Fixture Backlog)
Darren Graham (Coaching Courses?)
17 June
Skinbop (North West Umpires)
Gordon McKenzie (Coaching Courses)
Joe Thorpe (Fixture Backlog)
Foyle Player (North West Umpires)
18 June
Gavin Gilmore (Ireland v West Indies A)
19 June
Mystified Southerner (Irish Selection)
Peter Davy (Standard of Irish wickets)
20 June
Niall Morrissey (Irish Selection)
Joe Thorpe (Standard of Irish wickets)
Roli Shaw (Irish Selection)
Bill Mardell (Playing Cricket in Limerick)
Andy Adder (Irish Selection)
Neil Hunter (Irish wickets and other things)
21 June
Joe Thorpe (Playing Cricket in Limerick)
Joe Thorpe (Irish Selection)
Ger Siggins (Irish Selection)
Mystified Southerner (Irish Selection)
Mark Barriscale (Playing Cricket in Limerick)
Graeme Pollock (Cooke Collegians Graham Cup Finalists)
Mark Barriscale (Irish Selection)
Paul Mooney (Merrion v Middlesex)
Adrian McCoubrey (Irish Selection)
22 June
Kyle McCallan (Irish Selection)
23 June
Niall Morrissey (Irish Selection)
Andy Adder (Joe Thorpe and Munster)
Charles McCrum (Ability Before Age)
Sam Dougherty (Best v Best?)
John Bratton (Ability Before Age)
Jim McTiernan (Strabane’s Sycamore)
Kyle McCallan (Irish Selection)
David Kennedy (Ability Before Age)
24 June
Greg Molins (Various Matters)
Joe Thorpe (World Cup – March 2003)
Peter Thew (Best v Best)
25 June
Andy Patterson (Irish Selection)
Joe Thorpe (Andy Patterson)
John O’Brien (Sense of a nation)
26 June
Wayne Horwood (Points raised by Joe Thorpe)
Michael Wright (Cyril Wright)
Andy Patterson (Points raised by Joe Thorpe)
Ger Siggins (Joe Thorpe)
Kyle McCallan (Ambition)
27 June
Joe Thorpe (Last Comments)
Niall Tynan (Joe Thorpe)
Niall Tynan (Andy Patterson)
Niall Tynan (Varsities)
Mark Barriscale (174* by Stevie Moore)
Wayne Horwood (Munster/Irish Universities)
30 June
Tony Adams (NCU Closed Date on 20 July)
Mark Cooke (Leinster CC 150th Anniversary)