Cricket Box Guide: Defend Your Best Assets

Cricket is fun, fast and needs talent, focus – and lots of safety gear. Cricket players need a good cricket box, often known as a cup or abdo guard. This compact but powerful gear protects men cricketers during training and matches. Cricket boxes come in various brands and types, making it hard to choose which is the best cricket box for you. So, our team of cricketing experts created this guide to help you choose the right cricket box from the vast range out there so you can stay safe and play your best.

What is a cricket box? Otherwise know as a male abdo guard

A cricket box is what? One of the most crucial pieces of protective equipment a cricketer can wear is an abdominal protection, sometimes known as a cricket box (often referred to as a cup, box or abdo guard).. It is just a sturdy piece of high-density plastic shaped in the form of a cup or hollow half-pear is intended to shield the groyne and pelvic area from any unlucky impacts. When worn, this item shields the crotch area from a cricket ball’s painful impact.

Our recommended products – Cricket protection

Cricket Abdo Guard / Box, Gunn & Moore GM, Hard Cup For Optimum Protection, Lightweight.

  • COMFORT & FIT – Plush cushioning for a secure, comfortable fit, game after game.
  • SIZE – Small Junior. For players of all ages, protective equipment is essential. frequently referred to as an Abdo Guard or Box.
  • PROTECT, a hard, strong, and light plastic for optimum defence.

Cricket Abdominal Protector Pure Performance ND Abdo Box Groin Guard

  • Pure Performance ND Pro Cricket Box-Abdo-Groin Guard-Cup Sizes Abdo Box Groin Guard Cricket –
  • Abdominal Protector Boys-Youth-Mens
    Box guard Abdo, fits inside athletic underwear or cricket shorts
    Padded edges on polyurethane Authentic Performance Goods

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Purple Cricket Opttiuuq FrontFoot Abdo Box. Conventional abdominal guard for multiple sports with padded edges. Violet White. Junior Size

  • Boys’ junior size abdo guard
  • Protector made of polyurethane with cushioned edges
  • Curved design for increased comfort and support
  • Boxing, hockey, and cricket Pure Performance Goods

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Meister Carbon Flex Groin Protection Cup for Contact Sports, Boxing, and MMA

  • Contoured to fit comfortably and reflect the body type of an athlete.
  • Maximum protection is provided by the body’s injected polypropylene strength.
  • Thermoplastic Rubber edge that has been moulded to minimise sliding and chafing allows for more movement while yet preserving protection.
  • Fits in jock straps and short cup pockets; ventilation design permits airflow

Meister Carbon Flex Groin Protector Cup for MMA, Boxing & Contact Sports – Adult : Sports & Outdoors

Shock Doctor 306 Ultra Pro Carbon Flex Athletic Cup, Adult & Child Sizes, Abdominal Guard & Groin Guard

  • Multi-Stage Protection disperses shock away from sensitive locations.
  • Maintains Position – Flex Curve Bio-Shape Design for the most comfort and flexibility
  • No Chafing: To avoid chafing, the orbital gel pad adapts to the body.
  • Gel perimeter and Bio-Shape design provide the utmost comfort.

Shock Doctor Ultra Pro Carbon Flex Athletic Cup for Sports – Protective Cup for Contact Sports : Sports & Outdoors

Cricket Abdo Guards, Gray-Nicolls New Official Standard Protection Gear, Sizes SB-M

  • Gray-Nicolls is always a brand that you can trust.
  • SB, B, Y, or M sizes
  • Designed ergonomically for better fit and protection

Gray-Nicolls New Official Standard Protective Wear Cricket Abdo Guard Sizes SB-M : Sports & Outdoors

SS Sunridges Cricket Abdo Guard Plastic Box Protection for the Groin (Mens)

  • Made from sturdy, high-quality plastic that has a nice feel.
  • Traditional-looking guard
  • Useful as a slip-in with cricket undergarments
  • Edges are cushioned for enhanced comfort.

White/Red Youth Slazenger Classic Cricket Protective Box Anatomical Abdo Guard

Slazenger Classic Cricket Protection Box Anatomical Abdo Guard White/Red Youth : Sports & Outdoors

How to Wear a Cricket Box

Cricket boxes can be worn either inside the underwear, or they can be worn outside the underwear and can be kept in place with the help of a jockstrap or compression pants.

It’s possible you’ll feel safer if you keep it tucked under your underwear. Yet at first, you could feel awkward. Experiment with both approaches to determine which one best suits your needs.

The abdominal guard needs to be oriented properly when it is placed to ensure protection. It’s important that the cup completely fully encloses your genitalia, otherwise this may not end well.

Cricket box pants

Any good cricketer will tell you that a pair of comfortable cricket box pants is a must. These bottoms are tailored to accommodate the cricket box. These pants make it possible to position the box or cup in a more natural and supportive way, and a good quality pair also has a great feel on the leg and waist thanks to the cotton and lycra fabric.

Why is it called a cricket box?

The name may sound strange, but it is easier to understand when you realise that in this context, the phrase “box” is slang for the male groyne region, often known as the “family jewels” or “crown jewels” on occasion. That said, it is also known as cricket cup or adbo protector.

Do all cricketers wear a box?

It is recommended that all players on the field should be wearing a box. At any point it is possible that the ball can cause damage, even whilst fielding. However, some players find is difficult or uncomfortable to wear and skip unless they are in bat. When batting, it is essential to be wearing a cup. The ball bounces towards the wickets with only yourself and your private parts between.

Do females wear an adbo guard?

The need to wear a “box” or abdo protection is just as important for women as it is for men. Because women’s delicate body parts need protection just like men’s do. Female Abdo Guard has been specifically created for ladies to increase their protection and comfort.

What are the differences between male and female abdominal guards?

Women cricketers also use stomach protectors. The female version comes with a kit that includes a box, cup, and abdomen guard. While more flat, it has a similar form to the masculine version.