Our Team

Our business exists solely to assist customers in maintaining their love of cricket. Hard-hitting research is done on a variety of cricket-related issues and reporting by our experts. And we constantly communicate our discoveries in a way that motivates. In addition to educating people on effective sporting measures, our goal is to connect people with the appropriate resources.

Who We Are

Over 16 years of combined match reporting and playing experience make up our exceptional team. Our cricket specialists use the most recent technologies for their studies. We’re here to assist make cricket a safer place with thousands of study hours and more than 600 materials published.

Our founder

Edgar founded The CricketEurope website, and has been responsible for all the development and team positioning. He has been playing cricket since he was a toddler and has a deep love for the sport.

Feel free to reach out to him directly for any site comments, suggestions or any other cricket chat.