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The European Cricket Council (ECC) was formed in 1997, consisting then of 7 European ICC Associate Members and 7 ICC Affiliate Members, as an association aimed at developing cricket in individual countries within a framework of collective improvement and expansion. This forum remains the focus for development of the increasing ECC membership, which now stands at 9 ICC Associate Members and 13 ICC Affiliate Members.

ECC & ICC Tournaments

ECC organises a full programme of tournaments. At senior level, Affiliate members battle it out in the ECC Trophy for the chance to compete with the Associate members in the European Championships (both biennial competitions). Non-member countries also have the opportunity to compete at international level in the ECC Representative Festival (also a biennial event).

Ecc Resources

ECC has translated the ECB’s Time To Play coaching manual (four translations are currently available, with three more due in January 2001), plus an introductory Kwik Cricket video (currently available in 12 languages), and has recently distributed copies of the Teach Cricket manual written by ECB Level III Staff Coach, Richard O’Sullivan, a member of the ECC coaching team.

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ECC Umpiring

9 coaches and 8 umpires, all of whom have provided services and expertise to the European Development Programme at various stages of its existence since 1997, met at Lord’s on 23 October to discuss various issues and initiatives with the European Development team




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