Discover the Latest News About The Biggest Ashes Buildup, New Community Sports Program, and Adidas Sponsors Indian Cricket

In today’s cricket sports news, learn more about England’s Stuart Broad has been practicing new deliveries for Australia’s top batsmen in preparation for the Ashes. Meanwhile, The Saudi smart city NEOM has partnered with one of India’s premier T20 cricket teams, the Rajasthan Royals, to launch its first cricket program. Lastly, The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced on May 22 that the Indian national cricket team had secured a new kit sponsorship agreement with the world-famous German sportswear giant Adidas.

The Biggest Ashes Buildup

Original Source: Stuart Broad: ‘This is the biggest Ashes buildup – I’m loving the circus’

Three weeks before the Ashes, at least one England fast is in good shape. Jimmy Anderson has a groin strain, Ollie Robinson a turned ankle, Olly Stone a torn hamstring, and Jofra Archer a shattered elbow, but Stuart Broad has never felt better. He calls it “the most enjoyable year of my life” because he took 40 Test wickets, played in some of the most exciting cricket games he’s ever played, became a father for the first time, and got to watch Nottingham Forest in the Premier League. He’s beaming.

He has an Ashes summer, too. Today, Broad appreciates the phoney war almost as much as the series. Almost. He comments, “It feels like the biggest buildup I can remember for an Ashes series.” I mean 2005 was one of the most renowned Ashes series. I was just starting my career. However, this is comparable. I think it’ll be interesting. England’s style of play is enticing, but the Aussies had a great season and dominated the summer.

“Australia’s camp believes they’ll win here, so this series is building nicely. We’re confident of victory. In the 90s, when I was growing up, there weren’t many series where both teams felt like favorites. That’s a great location for the game. “With the way England are playing, draws aren’t really on the cards, so we’re going to have wins and losses along the way, which will lead to a good series I think.”

He’s performing. So far this summer, Broad has written off England’s 4-0 defeat in 2021-22, which he says didn’t count because it was played during the pandemic, and how much he would enjoy it if Steve Smith fails to play the same attacking cricket England’s batsmen have been playing recently. He’s not sorry. Broad repeats, “For us to get them out copying what we have done would be a great thrill.” “I love the circus, the back and forth between players. Building up to Edgbaston is like a boxing match.” The 36-year-old demurs when asked if he wants to “land a knockout blow.”

He’s speaking at a Marmite event, which is brand synergy. The Barmy Army and it wrote a song for him. Broad says, “Every bowling attack we’ve played so far has gone: ‘They can’t do it against us’, haven’t they?” Last summer, Dean Elgar was vociferous on that. I think the Aussies will too.” Again, his sly smile speaks for him. “I remember Glenn McGrath would always say Australia would win 5-0, and I thought ‘why is he saying that’? Now I get it. Or when Nathan Lyon would suddenly change direction. I like it about Ashes cricket.”

Broad doesn’t guarantee a new delivery. But he keeps talking about Marnus Labuschagne’s outswinger. I’d be wrong if I hadn’t researched what I wanted to do against other players. He recalls, “That was one of my greatest strengths against David Warner.” I done so much homework against him that I realized I had to miss leg side, not off side, because he doesn’t hit it past midwicket. I’ve done those figures on Steve Smith and Labuschagne, and my recent series stats are high versus them, so I need to do something different.” “Things that are a bit outside the box on the odd occasion” may appear.

Broad almost didn’t make it. Last year, he nearly stopped. He doesn’t appear interested in retiring. He admits he’s addicted to this changing room. Jimmy feels similarly. I’m 36 turning 37, but I’ve always stated I won’t be the cricketer I am without my competitive flame. But I’m still competitive.”

New Community Sports Program From Rajasthan Royals and Neom

Original Source: NEOM and Rajasthan Royals cricket team announce new community sports program

The Rajasthan Royals, one of India’s top T20 cricket teams, have teamed with Saudi smart city NEOM to provide its inaugural cricket program.

The groundbreaking pilot program encourages an active and healthy lifestyle among the rising workforce, expected to reach 60,000 by year’s end.

The Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation’s chairman, Prince Saud bin Mishal Al-Saud, remarked, “It’s important that we develop a thriving cricket ecosystem that can be enjoyed by everyone.” We are pleased to see NEOM’s cricket program backed by Rajasthan Royals offer that and expand the sport in the Kingdom.”

The Rajasthan Royals, founded in 2008 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is one of the world’s most famous cricket teams and known for its academies and community foundation work. On Monday, lead owner Manoj Badale visited NEOM to meet CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr and other community members and play cricket to celebrate the collaboration.

Badale remarked, “We are thrilled to partner with NEOM and launch this grassroots cricket program.” This relationship allows us to support NEOM’s vision of an inclusive, active, and healthy community. We look forward to watching cricket expand in NEOM and impacting the workforce, citizens, and society.”

The cricket curriculum will emphasize diversity and represent the Royals’ dedication to cricket’s global development and innovation. With thousands of workers at NEOM, cricket has become one of the project’s most popular sports.

NEOM wants to be a sports destination that partners with worldwide companies, promotes livability, and boosts its dynamic economy. NEOM’s commitment to an active and healthy community will be strengthened through the new relationship.

“NEOM is committed to nurturing the most physically active society globally and our partnership with the Royals is the latest step in making that vision a reality,” said Jan Paterson, NEOM Sport’s managing director. In NEOM, cricket is a very popular sport, and we want to capture and spread that excitement. Working with the Saudi Arabian Cricket Federation and the Royals will allow us to offer cricket to NEOM’s community of men, women, and children.

RISE and Red Bear Sports will manage NEOM’s real T20 cricket competition. It will be community-based and supported by a participation program implemented by year’s end. NEOM believes sports enrich lives and wants to help build sport leaders in the workplace.

Adidas to Sponsor Indian Cricket Outfit

Original Source: Adidas to become new kit sponsor for Indian cricket team: BCCI

The BCCI announced on May 22 that Adidas would sponsor the Indian cricket team’s kits.

This marks a key milestone in Adidas’ cooperation with the Indian cricket squad. Financial details and contract duration were not released.

The Indian media has been speculating about this much awaited partnership, and BCCI Secretary Jay Shah confirmed it on Twitter.

“We are committed to growing cricket and couldn’t be more excited to partner with one of the world’s leading sportswear brands.” Welcome @adidas.”

In 2020, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) signed a relationship with MPL Sports, the sports retail brand of Mobile Premier League, ending its three-year association with Nike.

Team India and sports merchandise in India enter a new era with the cooperation. We look forward to partnering with MPL Sports, a fresh Indian brand, to leverage this sector’s potential. Secretary Shah said at the time, “This partnership aims at facilitating access to high-quality Indian cricket fan merchandise, including the coveted Indian cricket team jersey, for cricket fans not just in the country but globally.”

However, the BCCI and MPL Sports partnership ended earlier than expected, triggering an interim sponsorship contract with Killer Jeans.

The MPL contract expired in December 2023. MPL was to pay the BCCI 65 lakh each match and 3 crore per year as the merchandise partner (a total of 9 crore).

However, MPL started seeking for a replacement in 2022 since it found it difficult to continue with the arrangement.

According to rumors, Killer Jeans’ deal with the BCCI expires on May 31.

Summary of Today’s Cricket Sports News

Overall, at least one of England’s  fast bowlers is in fine form three weeks before the Ashes. Stuart Broad has never felt better. He just finished what he calls “the most enjoyable year of his life,” during which he became a father for the first time, took 40 Test wickets, played in some of the most exciting games of cricket he’s ever been a part of, and, only slightly less important, got to watch Nottingham Forest in the Premier League. He’s really happy right now.

On the other hand, the Rajasthan Royals, one of India’s most successful T20 cricket teams, have joined forces with the Saudi smart city NEOM to launch the city’s first cricket initiative.

 With a workforce expected to hit 60,000 by the year’s end, the pilot program’s overarching goal is to promote a healthy and active way of life among its participants.

Finally, on May 22, the Indian cricket governing body, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), revealed that they had signed a kit sponsorship deal with the German sportswear giant Adidas. This is a major step forward for the long-standing cooperation between Adidas and the Indian cricket team, even if the terms of the contract and the amount of money involved have not been made public.