Uncover the Latest News on Warner’s Captaincy Conflicts, ICC Suspends Funding for USA Cricket, and Cricket and Footy Legends Unite

In today’s cricket news, learn more about the governing body’s code of conduct that is likely to prevent veteran top-order hitter David Warner from ever leading his country in limited-overs cricket games. Meanwhile, in a letter, interim chairman Atul Rai warned USA Cricket members of the “worrying” situation of the national governing organization, according to a Sunday report. Lastly, celebrating an illustrious time for Canterbury-Bankstown, Cricket and Footy Legends came together to raise donations for the Bulldogs Ambassadors Club Foundation.

ICC Suspends Funding for USA Cricket’s Third Quarter

Original Source: USA Cricket cash flow situation critical; ICC suspends funding for third quarter: Report

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has reportedly suspended funding to USA Cricket for the third quarter for failing to provide the “Q2 Financial Report due at the end of June 2022” and the minutes of the “2021 AGM.”

A letter from interim chairman Atul Rai alerted USA Cricket members to the “worrying” state of the national governing body, emergingcricket.com reported Sunday.

The report said Rai had written to members directly for the first time since August.

The letter said USA Cricket hasn’t paid its employees or players in a while and has “over USD200,000 in pending invoices.”

In a letter to USA Cricket, Rai said, “Nearly two months have passed since the 2020 elections were completed and I was named interim USA Cricket Board chairman. I want to help bring about the desperately needed change in the system, but I’m also trying to absorb the challenges USA Cricket has thrown at me in my new role.”

When he took office, he learned that the second quarter financial report ending June 2022 was never submitted. “Soon after taking office, we learned that the Q2 Financial report due in June 2022 had never been submitted.

Also, the 2021 audited financial report was due on June 30 despite several ICC deadline extensions. The report required minutes from the 2021 AGM, which never happened. The 2021 AGM was in May.

The ICC suspended funding for the third quarter due to noncompliance, Rai said.

“Due to noncompliance, ICC suspended our 3rd quarter funding. I was surprised to learn that USA Cricket has missed deadlines for a while. USA Cricket has defaulted on employee and player salaries, threatening its cash flow.

“In addition, there were overdue invoices for more than USD200K in non-budgeted spending; we plan to pay them, having paid a large portion of it. Moving forward, the calendar and budget will be published in January, and there will be no overages “letter he wrote

Why Removing the Clause Blocking Warner’s Captaincy Appeal Could Have Repercussions

Original Source: Clause blocking Warner’s captaincy appeal and why removing it could trigger a major ripple effect

David Warner’s bid to be Australia’s short-form captain has hit another snag. The governing body’s code of conduct is likely to prevent him from leading.

A report in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age says Warner, Steve Smith, and Cameron Bancroft forfeited the right to overturn their bans by not having a hearing into the ball tampering scandal after the Newlands Test in 2018.

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According to The Age, “When a player or player support personnel admits the offence charged and accedes to the proposed sanction specified in the ‘Report & Notice Charge’ form, the player or player support personnel waives his/her right to appeal the imposition of such a sanction.”

Should Warner’s leadership ban be lifted, CA’s board would have to rewrite the code of conduct. Such a move could have long-term consequences.

In order to lift the ban, another investigation into the Newlands Test would be needed.

Former CA CEO Kevin Roberts said the governing body would reopen the investigation if new evidence came to light.

In 2019, he said, “If anyone reports concerns about integrity before ball tampering, we’re serious about addressing that, and we have a process to address it.”

David hits first T20I 50 | 01:00

Warner said it would be a “privilege” to be a captain.

I’ve had no conversations (yet). But any chance to captain would be a privilege, Warner said.

“But from my end, there’s a lot of water to go under the bridge to have those conversations with Cricket Australia, and my main focus is just playing cricket.”

In a wide-ranging interview with foxsports.com.au, Warner said he was interested to hear CA’s thoughts on the captaincy and that he was content being a family man and worrying about himself on the field.

“It’s about what questions they want to ask me,” Warner said.

“Let’s start there and go from there.

“After 2018, it’s a whole new ballgame. I want to know what they think. We’ll go from there.”

The CA board will meet on October 13 to discuss Warner’s role in Australian cricket, especially in light of Aaron Finch’s ODI retirement.

Whether he wants to play for Australia after next month’s T20 World Cup is unknown, but a home title defense seems like a fitting finale given his form concerns.

Australia must find a new ODI captain, so they must change their leadership.

Test captain Pat Cummins, who plays all three formats, has been linked to the role, but another candidate will be considered due to bowling’s difficulty.

Glenn Maxwell has captained the Melbourne Stars and is 33.

Travis Head, who has captained all three teams for years, is 28.

Alex Carey, 31, isn’t in the Australian T20 squad.

25 Years Later, Cricket and Football Legends Reunite

Original Source: Cricket and Footy Legends Unite 25 Years On

Celebrating an illustrious time for Canterbury-Bankstown, legends of both sports came together to raise funds for the Bulldogs Ambassadors Club Foundation.

Friends had not had a drink at the Bankstown Sports Club in two years. The teams planned to celebrate 25 years since their respective titles at the 2020 Bulldogs Ambassador’s Club Grand Final Luncheon before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Both Friday’s luncheon was attended by Steve and Mark Waugh, Les Johns, Steve Mortimer, Steve Price, and Terry Lamb. MC and TV personality Bill Woods led the event, and Australian batsman and commentator Greg ‘Fat Cat’ Ritchie entertained the 430 plus guests.

Steve, Mark, and Steve Mortimer Waugh.

Steve, Mark, and Steve Mortimer Waugh.

Willie Mason and Bulldogs 2004 Premiership team members were there.

“It’s a bit surreal to think that back in the day, cricket and footy went hand in hand,” said 1995 Bankstown-Canterbury Cricket Premiership Captain Steve Small.

The Canterbury-Bankstown codes shared territory and support.

Jim Dymock, a member of the winning ’95 team, said, “We trained with the cricketers.”

“We used to do hybrid training [together], and we got along well.”

South Sydney junior turned Bulldog Dymock played for the club from 1993 to 1995 and returned to coach.

The unbreakable bonds of mateship were evident at the Bulldogs Ambassador Club Luncheon 27 years later.

Everyone fed off each other’s success, said Small.

“Terry Lamb and Peter Moore were cricket fans.

They’d give the boys advice and support during the summer. We had the support of Canterbury Leagues and Bankstown Sports, so it was a community event.

At the luncheon, the teams reminisced about their grand final wins with Woods, Lamb, Smalls, Alan Campbell, and Chris Anderson.

Coach Alan Campbell of the ’95 champions said, “We had a great team.”

“We had great players and a great front office, admin and so on.

“Players were dedicated to their non-professional sport at the time. And Steve [Small] was a great leader,” he said.

“The coach was diplomatic,” said Small.

We tried. Hard work. “We partied,” he joked.

The 1995 Sydney Bulldogs celebrated a win.

“We won, so the boys came,” Small said.

When the scores were announced at Parramatta Stadium, Terry Lamb jumped. He was happy when we got the money and last wicket.

“Bravo,” he said.

We followed them to the final and the rest is history.

Sydney Bulldogs famously won the 1995 ARL grand final from outside the top four.

Bulldogs Ambassadors Club was the driving force behind the day’s celebrations.

In the late 1990s, ex-players founded the Bulldogs Ambassadors Club to provide advice and support to newly recruited players and older players.

The Ambassadors Club, which runs separately but has been supported by the Club in recent years, helps local charities and provides financial support to needy players.

Luke Goodwin, Wellbeing, Ambassador’s Club Committee Member and Alumni, explains.

So we raise money for former players in need. For them, family, and friends.

We’ve found over the years that leaving the game is hard.

With support during their football career, players lose a bit of their identity when they leave. The Ambassadors Club bridges the gap and supports retired players.

The Ambassadors Club covered the players’ travel and lodging to reunite them.

It’s about bringing them back together to see each other and raising money to continue giving gifts to former players and their families.

In addition, the Ambassadors Club gave scholarships to three young players, two women and one man.

Mitchell Woods, Amirah Abdullah, and Grace Leiataua received scholarships to help pay for school and pursue a career in rugby league.

The Ambassador Club’s Grand Final Luncheon is held annually on the Friday before the Grand Final, except for the last two years.

Favorite of players, partners, and guests.

“It’s great to remember the players and staff who wore the jersey before us,” said Dymock. “They made the Club what it is.”

“The Bulldogs Club is a family club and will remain so.”

Summary of today’s Cricket/Sports News

Overall, David Warner’s ambition to become Australia’s short-form skipper has met another snag because of the governing body’s code of conduct. Warner, Steve Smith, and Cameron Bancroft waived the chance to reverse sanctions placed into their bans by not having a hearing into the ball tampering issue after the Newlands Test in 2018.

Meanwhile, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has reportedly stopped funding to USA Cricket for the third quarter for failing to produce its “Q2 Financial Report” and “2021 AGM” minutes. USA Cricket members were notified of the “worrying” situation of the national governing body in a letter from interim chairman Atul Rai, according to emergingcricket.com. Rai wrote to members for the first time since becoming temporary USA Cricket chairman in August.

Finally, taking to the Bankstown Sports Club after a two-year absence, it had been a while since friends had had a drink. Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, the teams had intended to reconvene at the 2020 Bulldogs Ambassador’s Club Grand Final Luncheon and celebrate 25 years since their respective titles. Cricket and Footy Legends came together to celebrate their respective 1995 premiership-winning sides and raise funds in support of the Bulldogs Ambassadors Club Foundation.