Understand the Latest News About Indian Masters T10 Will Be Held in June 2023 and Azeem Rafiq Wants Cricket Scotland Chair Anjan Luthra Out

In today’s uk cricket news, learn more about the exhilarating ten-over format matches will take place from the 14th to the 28th of June 2023, spanning 12 game days and consisting of 19 matches. Each team will be co-owned by an A-list Bollywood celebrity and a significant corporate house. There will be six franchisees in the competition. Meanwhile, Azeem Rafiq has demanded that the chair of Cricket Scotland, Anjan Luthra, resign for displaying “a rather frightening lack of respect for everyone.”

Indian Masters T10 Will Be Held in June 2023 

Original Source: T Ten Global Sports announces Indian Masters T10, set to take place in June 2023

The Indian Masters T10 will include international cricket legends.

The spectacular ten-over style contests will span 12 game days from June 14 to June 28, 2023. Six franchisees will be co-owned by a Bollywood celebrity and a huge corporate house.

The league’s innovation, which brings together entertainment and sports icons, has made it glamorous. As it captivates cricket fans worldwide, the league will be marketed as the most entertaining sports league. The league’s vision of bringing in stars of the entertainment industry will surely boost the competition’s popularity among the most ardent cricket fans and allow for unique fan engagement opportunities for each of the six franchises set to be part of the inaugural edition of the tournament as they shine the spotlight on the most thrilling and fast-paced format of cricket.

T Ten Global Sports is excited to offer the inaugural Indian Masters T10 after six successful Abu Dhabi T10s. India will host the world’s greatest retired cricketers in a nostalgic competition. In 10-over-a-side bouts that last 90 minutes, 90 former international cricket legends will show off their exciting skills in fast-paced, entertaining action with lots of sixes and wickets. Six retired cricketers’ franchises with a minimum of 15 players will compete in India.

Former Indian and international cricketers like Suresh Raina, Robin Uthappa, Murali Vijay, Harbhajan Singh, Yusuf Pathan, Irfan Pathan, Pragyan Ojha, Mohammed Kaif, Kieron Pollard, Dwayne Bravo, Jacque Kallis, Eoin Morgan, Chris Gayle, Brett Lee, and others are expected to compete in the first Indian Masters T10, which will be held in India.

Fans will be nostalgic as they see their favorite former cricketers play in cricket’s fastest format, which is becoming more popular with each Abu Dhabi T10 edition.

“We are happy to bring to India the T10 brand of cricket engaging the legendary masters of the game,” stated T10 Sports Management Chairman Shaji-Ul-Mulk at the announcement press conference at St. Regis Hotel in Lower Parel, Mumbai. The 10 overs per innings model, masters’ skill, and celebrities’ support will increase fan engagement and give non-stop entertainment.

At the evening reception, the Indian Masters T10’s new logo was revealed.

Mohammed Kaif and Robin Uthappa spoke enthusiastically about the Indian Masters T10 at the press conference at St. Regis.

“I have commentated on the Abu Dhabi T10, and always wanted to play in it because it’s such an exciting format, finally I have got the chance and I cannot wait to step out on the pitch for it,” said Mohammed Kaif. It’s a game of talent and power, not fitness, which suits us former cricketers. Expect a lot of sixes, wickets, and stunning catches throughout the tournament, which will get fans off their seats.

“I think when legends of the game come together and play, it brings back a lot of memories and makes you nostalgic, which I really like and is always wonderful for me. To be a part of the Indian Masters T10 League is a pleasure, and since I get to play with a lot of my teammates throughout my career, it would be great to interact with them again and compete together. Robin Uthappa agreed with Kaif, saying, “I am very thrilled about the Indian Masters T10, I honestly cannot wait.”

“This is the fastest format of cricket,” said T10 Sports Management COO Rajeev Khanna. Games last 90 minutes. Only golf lasts over 90 minutes in the Olympics. So, the future Olympics should use this precise framework. Since it’s packaged in such an enjoyable and short style, it’s helping associate nations strengthen their cricket roots, which will eventually lead to cricket becoming a genuinely global sport.

Most of the IPL teams’ top senior management, top corporate houses, media moguls, media agencies, and many VVIP guests interested in the property attended the glamorous event.

Vaani Kapoor, Yohani, Elli Avram, and Anamta performed at the reception after the Indian Masters T10 tournament was announced at St. Regis in Mumbai on March 27, 2023.

Azeem Rafiq Wants Cricket Scotland Chair Anjan Luthra Out

Original Source: Azeem Rafiq calls for Cricket Scotland chair Anjan Luthra to depart after ‘quite scary lack of respect’

Cricket Scotland’s commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) has made “great progress,” according to Luthra, who was appointed in October 2022.

With its newest upgrade, Cricket Scotland has been called “unfit for purpose,” “tone deaf,” and “arrogant.”

On Thursday, Rafiq told Sky Sports, “What we saw over the last couple of days with the Cricket Scotland issue, to be honest it felt like something was coming.”

“The chair’s lack of regard for everyone, from what I’ve heard, is worrisome because he was brought in after a damning report.

“I think it’s bad, and they need to get someone who will start interacting with all major parties.

“We’re all frustrated by change’s speed. Impatience is needed.

“Sure, I know change takes time, but we’ve heard it for decades. I don’t want my kids talking about this.

“I want my kids to be treated fairly, equally, and with respect, and if I have to continue raising my head above the parapet to do that, I will.”

Cricket Scotland “unfit for purpose,” “tone deaf,” and “arrogant” | “EDI assertions are unproven rubbish”

Following its latest anti-racism update, Cricket Scotland was called “unfit for purpose,” “tone deaf,” and “arrogant.”

Gordon Arthur was named temporary CEO last year after the Cricket Scotland board resigned before an independent inquiry.

For personal reasons, Arthur is resigning next month.

New chair Luthra’s speech on Tuesday’s update highlighted Cricket Scotland’s efforts on equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), including a new diversity working group.

Last year’s investigation’s anti-racism group Running Out Racism labeled those assertions “unsubstantiated drivel”.

Cricket Scotland’s statement “set back trust greatly” and “demonstrated that the governing body is failing in learning from mistakes of the past,” according to the organisation.

Running Out Racism said it has sought to express concerns in private but is “weary of battling for change in public with no results.”

Statement read: “Today’s Cricket Scotland announcement has damaged trust and shown that the governing body is not learning from past mistakes.

“They must meaningfully interact with people to address sport issues. The cricketing community, not just Running Out Racism.

“It contradicts today’s release. It’s arrogant.

“They haven’t considerably improved EDI. Unless that significant upgrade means checking boxes instead than ignoring the issue. They disregard long-ignored folks.

“It’s uncomfortable to praise the EDI working group. After five months of dithering, the group’s first meeting in January sparked doubts about the governing body’s intention to properly interact with experts.

“After that, the governing body released a good update, which surprised several at the meeting and caused the group to be ignored. That group hasn’t been consulted on today’s adjustments. A group that gathered once after five months.”

‘Cricket Scotland not fit for purpose’

Scotland’s Majid Haq and teammate Qasim Sheikh were interviewed on Sky Sports News about institutional racism.

Both players’ lawyer, Aamer Anwar, said: “Cricket Scotland’s hollow soundbites today reveal that it is still unfit for purpose.

“Majid Haq and Qasim Sheikh are unhappy to see Gordon Arthur, a change-fighter, leave.

“Majid and Qasim, my clients, believe the chair has failed to deliver or inspire genuine trust from across the sport and view the process as a “arrogant cosmetic box ticking exercise.”

“Sport Scotland needs to take extra precautions because institutional racism and the dinosaurs are the only victors today.”

Special measures?

The Shifting The Boundaries report found 448 instances of institutional racism and discrimination in the game in July, prompting SportScotland to place Cricket Scotland in special measures.

Luthra stated in the six-month update that he expected those measures to be lifted due to progress.

“Our current trajectory implies that we will exit special measures by October 31 and ensuring Cricket Scotland continues its journey towards being the most accessible sport in the country over the long term,” Luthra added.

Scotland’s national sports agency answered that only it will make that decision.

According to SportScotland: “Cricket Scotland’s recent update is being considered.

“We welcome the progress made thus far, but we know that only real and meaningful consultation will change the sport’s culture.

“SportScotland will decide whether Cricket Scotland exits special measures based on the Shifting The Boundary report’s complete implementation.”

Summary of Today’s Cricket Sports News

Overall, exciting matches in the ten-over format will be played over a 12-day span beginning on June 14th and ending on June 28th, 2023. There will be six franchises in the tournament, and each one is owned jointly by a major business and a major Bollywood star. The Indian Masters T10 is a brand new tournament that will feature some of the most legendary cricket players in the history of the sport.

Finally, Azeem Rafiq demands that Anjan Luthra, chair of Cricket Scotland, resign because of his “very frightening lack of respect to everyone”. Also, much progress has been made, Cricket Scotland claimed, since the report exposed systemic prejudice. “unsubstantiated nonsense,” as Running Out Racism put it, was allegedly said.