Learn More the Latest News About Bowl Better or New Captain Said Dhoni and A New Cricket League in the US

In today’s cricket sports news, learn more about Chennai Super Kings skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni has warned his bowlers to dramatically cut down on no-balls and wides in their future IPL matches, claiming they will have to play under a new captain if they continue to give out free runs. Meanwhile, in July, the United States will host MLC, the most recent addition to the global roster of cricket leagues.

Dhoni: Bowl Better or New Captain

Original Source: MS Dhoni: Bowl better or play under a new captain

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, captain of the Chennai Super Kings, has warned his bowlers to substantially reduce no-balls and wides in their forthcoming IPL matches or face a new captain.

Even after the four-time IPL champions trounced Lucknow Super Giants by 12 runs at MA Chidambaram stadium on Monday, Dhoni warned.

LSG were limited to 205 for 7 when pursuing 218 despite three no-balls and 13 wides from the wicketkeeper-bowlers. batter’s

CSK lost the opening to reigning champions Gujarat Titans by five wickets after conceding four wides and two no-balls.

Errors too many

In that match, young CSK bowler Rajvardhan Hangargekar bowled three wides and a no-ball, then on Monday against LSG, he bowled three more wides. While taking two wickets on Monday, CSK quick Tushar Deshpande bowled four wides and three no-balls. Deepak Chahar, a veteran CSK bowler, gave away five additional runs through wides on Monday.

No no-balls and fewer wides. At the post-match presentation, Dhoni simply stated, “We are bowling too many excess deliveries and need to cut them out otherwise they’ll be playing under a different captain.”

Surprise pitch

On Monday, the Chepauk pitch generated many runs, surprising Dhoni.

The game was great and high-scoring. The wicket was on everyone’s mind. The doubt existed. That was high-scoring.”

Lucknow Super Giants captain KL Rahul stated his team had a poor start after winning the toss and summoning CSK to bat.

The bowlers stated it was sticky and moving, so there was something in it for them, but they didn’t put it in the appropriate places. “Quality batsmen in the opposition will make you pay,” Rahul remarked.

“It takes time to figure out a proper pace and line when bowling first on a fresh surface. Devon Conway and Rutu [Ruturaj Gaikwad] had great shots. It’s something we can improve on.”

In two matches, CSK pacers’ wides and no-balls.

A New Cricket League in the US: Possible?

Original Source: Will a new cricket league be able to break through in the US?

The player draft for the inaugural Major League Cricket (MLC) Twenty20 event, due to debut in July, will take place at NASA Johnson Space Center’s Visitor Center in Houston on March 19.

MLC will be the third global T20 league, following South Africa and the UAE, over 15 years after the Indian Premier League (IPL) transformed cricket.

Justin Geale, MLC tournament director, spoke to Al Jazeera about the league’s goals, cricket in the US, and if cricket needs another competition.

Al Jazeera: Does cricket really need another tournament?

Justin Geale. Cricket is too much, everyone agrees. The calendar is packed. But I think we have a number of unique things here. Time is one. In July, we’re fine.

New markets are needed for cricket. We need new sponsors and markets to maintain all this cricket, and I think America is the only realistic possibility right now.

It’s a vast country with a smart sports market that’s open to fresh ideas. USA Cricket understood this growth. As part of the jointly hosted World Cup with the West Indies, we’ll stage 20 matches next year. The game is expected to perform well. We hope cricket is included in the LA 2028 Olympics.

Curiosity is also present. So, we strive to stay.

Al Jazeera: How far has cricket in the US come from short stopovers to a big league?

Geale: It’s been difficult. Infrastructure and obtaining good playing fields are the greatest challenges in this country. I’m from Australia and worked in the IPL. I was shocked at how strong the local talent was when I arrived three years ago. I was surprised at the uneven outfields, football fields, synthetic surfaces, matting, and other surfaces they played on. Better facilities have been our major difficulty and will continue to be.

However, that’s improving and allows hosting high-profile contests. There is already a fanbase of expat or first- and second-generation Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, and Afghans. Aussies, South Africans, English, and West Indians know and watch the game, which comforts us.

The goal is to convert Americans to cricket, I suppose.

Al Jazeera: Is that one of MLC’s main objectives? The attention and revenue?

Geale: To be honest, it must be all things.

Without revenue, it won’t last. This is a massive opportunity. In the world’s largest sporting media market, we’re talking about the second-biggest sport. If we get the product right, commercial opportunities in the US and broadcast in India, where cricket revenue is actually coming from, will drive growth and revenue.

We must first demonstrate our cricketing ability as a league. If we have good venues, players, wickets, and umpires, it will indicate we’re serious about cricket and we can expand from there.

We can truly reach folks here who understand the game and then try to showcase it to other audiences. Americans are savvy sports fans. It’s absurd to believe we’ll have full stadiums from day one and new viewers will come in because they heard about cricket. We must use our fanbase. Our homegrown players are ready since we’ve been grooming them for three years.

If we nail the product, everything else will follow.

Al Jazeera: What’s the league’s financial situation? What are the expenses, salary caps, and pay scales?

Geale: Many factors went into choosing the team owners. They were told to buy in and that it will take time. They also need to fund a hometown stadium. That’s a big request and never done in any other league. These guys mean it. We’ll be competitive in salary caps from the start, except for the IPL. We’ll be competitive with recent leagues like the ILT20 and SA20 and have a higher cap than the CPL.

It’s exciting for players to come to America. While the money is there, it’s a good idea to tour America, play cricket, and bring your family and golf clubs. Players have been easy to talk to. We must realistically manage spending expectations and projections. There’s no point in going broke and missing year two.

Arab News: Sponsors’ reactions? You entered the US market, right?

Geale: We’ve had great conversations with all the usual suspects and some American brands. Because we’re selling a dream and a vision, that’s slow. We’re in advanced MLC negotiations, but we’re realistic. It’s a new sport for them, so they’ll need to gamble.

Al Jazeera: What’s next for the MLC and cricket in the US?

Geale: We can reach more cities and lengthen the season as we build infrastructure. We want to draw younger players too. Cricket careers are now available. To this day, if you’re good at any sport, you’ll play something else for scholarship and career opportunities.

MLC is also a gateway. Everyone wants to make the US national team. International teams will suddenly want to tour the West Indies or do standout tours. That brings more TV money to players and the domestic structure.

Al Jazeera: What challenges do you see in achieving those goals?

Geale: We’re not expecting to beat the MLB tomorrow. We need to rally cricket fans. Also, distribution matters. We get mainstream coverage, which helps exposure. As previously stated, we must manage expectations. It’s tough. However, our tournament window provides some downtime and may attract new viewers.

It’s going to be a hell of a ride, but the key is to get year one started, show the world we can put out a product, get decent crowds in, and I think momentum will quickly build.

Summary of Today’s Cricket Sports News

Overall, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, captain of the Chennai Super Kings, has warned his bowlers that they may need to play under a new captain if they don’t substantially reduce the number of no-balls and wides they deliver in forthcoming IPL matches. The four-time IPL champions were warned by Dhoni on Monday, despite their 12 run victory over the Lucknow SuperGiants at the MA Chidambaram stadium. Even though LSG were limited to 205 for 7 when chasing 218, the wicketkeeper-batsman was not pleased with the manner his bowlers sprayed the ball all over the place by delivering three no-balls and 13 wides. CSK lost their first game, a close one against the defending champions Gujarat Titans by five wickets, after giving up four wides and two no-balls.

Finally,  a historic event for American cricket will take place: the player draft for the inaugural Major League Cricket (MLC) Twenty20 league, which will begin play in July. The draft will take place in the Visitor Center of NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. Only months after South Africa and the UAE presented their versions of T20 cricket to the world, and over 15 years after the Indian Premier League (IPL) revolutionized the sport, the MLC will emerge as the newest T20 league around the world.